In an effort to deliver a voice and a platform for young people living in the Arctic to engage in and shape Arctic policy, the Arctic Encounter Symposium (AES) founded the Arctic Youth Initiative (AYI) in 2014. The mission of AYI is to facilitate meaningful discourse between Arctic youth and today's most influential domestic and international Arctic policy leaders, business leaders, and researchers. 

At AES, we believe that by listening to the young people of the Arctic with an open mind and open heart, together, we can make a difference and bring positive and desirable change to the lives of people living in the Far North. As conveners, we have the power and the responsibility to incorporate the voices of our future Arctic leaders and to consider the wisdom that these young people have to offer.

Let us understand the urgency and call to action these young people are asking of us and recognize our duty to respond. 


promoting the 2018 arctic youth initiative photo exhibition is a collaborative effort. join us!

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Our request is that each young leader and/or student (preferably under the age of 25) take up to two photos in response to these four prompts:

1. Take a photo of something no one outside of the Arctic can capture

2. Take a photo of something you see changing in your environment

3. Take a photo of your favorite tradition, event, or important element of your culture (i.e. a celebration, an activity, clothing, art, food, et cetera.)

4. Take a photo of something you appreciate about the Arctic, your community, or the people who call Arctic home

Here are a few more details we'd like for you to know...

  • Your photo will be featured at the Arctic Encounter in order to raise awareness and share your view or perspective with attendees.
  • You don't need to be a professional photographer! All types of photos are welcome.
  • We ask that you get creative with this project and provide a short 2-5 sentence description of each photo you submit.
  • Please also submit your name, age, where the photo was taken, and where you call home. 
  • All photos and other details should be submitted to the Arctic Encounter by emailing (preferably prior to April 10, 2018) with "Arctic Youth Initiative" in the subject line. 

We look forward to your submissions and look forward to featuring your submissions at the 2018 Arctic Encounter Symposium. 

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at! Thank you for participating!

- Team AES